Trading Roundup: #1 Stock Growing Faster Than Anyone Expected

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  • 16.05.2018
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Stock Growing Faster

The featured image is the clue. Big surprise! Facebook, Inc. has been quite a troubled stock due to the recent privacy issues, but it’s now back in the leading position. Last quarter, Facebook’s revenue growth was nearly 50%, which exceeds – by 10% – what was reported for Netflix and Amazon.

Current and potential investors are surely interested in what’s driving the growth. The answer is free services, such as Facebook itself, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp – think about it, everyone’s using them!

Will this trend continue? Absolutely. Analysing Instagram alone, it can be said that its ads and sponsored posts are dominating the niche.

Facebook is definitely the best growth stock for you to consider trading it. Nenad Kerkez, leading professional trader and market expert, will give us a brief overview of Facebook (#FB) share CFD price.

Brief Overview of Facebook Share CFD Price

The #FB share price is in a stable uptrend. The price has made a V-shaped reversal, and it is now approaching a stiff resistance by Q H4 (Quarterly Resistance) and M H4 (Monthly Resistance). In the case of retracement, pay attention to the 173.13-175.70 zone where the next bounce might occur. However, if the price closes above 186.15, we could see a breakout and continuation of uptrend towards 201.41.

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