Trading Roundup – Nike & Adidas’ Fierce World Cup Rivalry

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  • 14.07.2018
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Battle Of The Brands

Another World Cup comes to an end this Sunday, and fans will have to wait another four years to see another one. Arguably it’s been one of the most exciting and unpredictable to watch, and as always, it’s been filled with all sorts of sponsors and product placements.

While there may have been fierce competition on the pitch, it is perhaps the rivalry between Nike & Adidas that takes center stage in terms of intensity. Nike reportedly has sponsored 10 teams in this world cup, while its rival Adidas has sponsored 12. This is a significant increase for both brands in comparison with previous world cups.

Considering that the previous world cup drew viewership figures of around 3.2 billion, with 1 billion views for the world cup final alone, it’s no wonder that Nike, Adidas, and hundreds of other brands are all continuously fighting it out for maximum exposure.

This raises another interesting question, which brand is actually performing better, given that they both have access to such high amounts of spectators? Let’s take a look at Adidas & Nike CFDs in a side-by-side comparison.

Source: #ADS, H8 chart, Admiral markets MT5 with MT5SE plugin, July 2018

The #ADS share price is supported by a technical uptrend, and we can see it is rejecting the confluence zone (POC) where bulls have the upper hand. 181.45-183.90 is the bouncing spot. Targets are 190.12 followed by 192.84, and 198.53. If we see a daily close above 198.60, next objectives are 204.97 and 208.30. Pay attention to these levels and the general bullish price action.

Source: #NKE, D1 chart, Admiral markets MT5 with MT5SE plugin, July 2018

The general bullishness of the #NKE share price is suitable both for traders and investors. The #NKE is supported by a rising trend line that indicates a positive momentum and trend, 74.90-77.15 is the zone for buyers and rejections from the zone target 78.20. The break of a retracement trend line at 78.20 targets 82.54 and 85.24. As long as the price is kept above 68.79, bulls don’t have to worry, Only a break below 69.79 might initiate the bearish move towards 57.32.

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